A tribute to Fromental wall coverings kitchen 

If you’ve spent any length of time in the interior design space, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Fromental. With a curated collection of hand-painted, embroidered, and printed wallcoverings, the company has transformed properties across the globe.

The two founders Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes describe their ethos as rooted in love and respect for beauty. And in this article, we’re going to show our own appreciation for Formental by taking a look at some of our favourite pieces and collections.

A walk in Kiku Garden

Inspired by a Japanese-influenced French vase from the 1880s, Kiku Garden features chrysanthemums in rich, opulent tones. It’s the perfect piece to elevate a dining or living area, with deep greens and golds that evoke a timeless elegance. It’s also part of the Lumière collection, a group of pieces with a rich artistic history.

Kiku Garden wallcovering features chrysanthemums in rich, opulent tones.


A striking conversation starter

The intricate detailing of this Faisan wall covering is reminiscent of the captivating movement of the pheasant, which this collection is named after. This is the perfect addition to an otherwise minimalist space, providing a beautiful focal point that draws the eye and adds depth to the room.

Fromental Faisan wall covering is reminiscent of the captivating movement of the pheasant.


Loud opulence

Throughout Fromental’s “Maximalist” pieces, you’ll find bold colours, abstract shapes and unique textures. These are perfect for feature walls where you want to add drama and style. For example, we love how the wall covering in the below image creates a sense of flair and visual interest.

A Fromental’s “Maximalist” piece adding drama and style.


Surrounded in serenity

If you’re looking to envelop yourself in a relaxing atmosphere — in a bedroom, for example — opt for a Fromental piece in a lighter shade. The “Classicist” collection is full of delicate pieces with enduring, tranquil appeal.

Bedroom with wall covering from the Frogmental “Classicist” collection.


Culturally inspired

Fromental’s Modern Chinois and Chinoiserie collections are filled with classic motifs from Chinese history. The example below, for example, breathes life into any space with its vivacious bird and bamboo motifs.

Fromental’s Modern Chinois and Chinoiserie collection with bird and bamboo motifs.


A touch to remember

Fromental’s “Playful” collection is full of whimsical pieces that are ideal for children’s bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. With a sense of charm, they ignite the imagination while remaining understated and calming.

Wall covering with butterflies from Fromental’s “Playful” collection.


A moment for minimalism

As well as having some of the most striking and memorable wall coverings, Fromental has a minimalist range that elevates a variety of spaces. The below image, for example, is the perfect complement to a busier bathroom or bedroom.

Fromental minimalist wall covering.


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