Spotlight On: Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

When you choose a high-quality, high-pigment paint, the impact on your space is instant. Providing rich, fade-resistant colour and intense coverage, Benjamin Moore Aura paints are some of the finest choices in the market.

In this article, we explore four of the best applications of Benjamin Moore Aura paint in some of the most luxurious residential settings. Dive in for inspiration and insights.

1. Charming contrast

Benjamin Moore Aura paints offer sheens and colours for every setting. In some spaces, matte surfaces minimise light reflection and create depth while semi-gloss provides visible shine. In other areas, satin (a low-gloss surface) covers imperfections on cabinetry or interior trims whilst eggshell (a low-lustre finish) provides a slight glow to accents. Even a single wall can be emboldened by it.

In the image below, you can see Raintree Green 1496 provides a slight eggshell shine and depth in comparison to the lower cabinets which are painted with Dragons Breath 1547.

Benjamin Moore Aura Painted Kitchen Interior.


2. Simple serenity

As described in Azure magazine, Benjamin Moore paints utilise a proprietary colour technology (Gennex Colour Technology) that “removes unnecessary components that weaken paint — resulting in better hide, even in lighter tones and whites.”

The result, as can be seen in the image below, is a crisp, clean appearance and consistent colour performance even in a more stripped-back or minimalist interior.

Benjamin Moore Aura Painted Minimalist Interior.


3. Sunny clarity

One of the most wonderful things about Benjamin Moore Aura Paint is that it’s suited to exterior surfaces too. In fact, while most paint brands use chemicals that make it easier to mix their colourants into different types of paint, Benjamin Moore focuses on strength and performance. Gennex technology makes them durable and environmentally friendly, perfect for places where you need colour to last. Take a look at an example of this below to see how this looks in situ…

Benjamin Moore Aura Painted Exterior.


4. Delicate dream

It’s worth highlighting that Benjamin Moore Aura Paint provides as many gentle and delicate shades as it does bold and dramatic. In the image below, we see how the shades come together to create an ethereal ambience that encourages true calm.

Benjamin Moore Aura Painted Interior.


Ensuring an immaculate application

To make the most of a beautiful matte wallpaper like Benjamin Moore Aura Paint, you need a painter & decorator who can apply it seamlessly across different types of surfaces. Luckily, you’re in the right place…

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