Spotlight On: Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint®

With a completely matte finish, Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® offers the lowest level of sheen on the market. This means you can create an elegant, calming design that will remain in style for years to come.

Here, we explore five of the most captivating applications of the paint in elevated properties across the globe.

Let’s get started…

1. Drenched in colour

When used across an entire space, Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® is immersive and rich. It can create the illusion of more space by minimizing depth and, by reducing light reflection, easily creates a calming ambience. The result, in the case of the property below, is an elevated room with not an imperfection in sight.

Farrow Ball Dead Flat Hague Blue.


2. Velvety smooth

Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® takes a simple wall and turns it into a velvet masterpiece and a quiet centrepoint in any room. With a smooth effect that instantly connotes luxury, you can set this paint against bold furnishings, art, and architectural features drawing the eye across statement pieces and interesting textures while tying everything together with a sense of serenity.

Paint- dead flat green smoke.


3. A minimalist vision

Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® can be used to tie together a white room for a seamless and sophisticated contemporary look. This can be used in contrast to vibrant colours for dramatic effect or, as in the below example, to create a space of unparalleled relaxation and modern style.

Kitchen decorated with Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint®.


4. A burst of delicious colour

To take a look at an example of how Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® can be used to bring a room to life, we can look at those where bright colours have been captured and capitalized on. Speaking about the example below, German interior design studio and art advisory Tadan describe, “We wanted the room to feel like a bijou box. A tarte au citron you can enjoy in one piece.”

German interior design studio - decorated with Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint®.


5. Quiet beauty

Being totally devoid of shine, the paler shades in the Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint® range lend themselves perfectly to quiet, delicate spaces. In the example below, you can just imagine yourself breathing a sigh of relief as you return home from a long day of work to find a hallway that immerses you in tranquility.

Farrow and Ball Selvedge Dead Flatt Matt Finished Hallway.


Ensuring an immaculate application

To make the most of a beautiful matte wallpaper like Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Paint®, you need a painter & decorator who can apply it seamlessly across different types of surfaces. Luckily, you’re in the right place…

S & V London have transformed some of the most illustrious properties across London. Could yours be next?