Tour de Gournay: A Guide to Hand-painted Wallpapers

As the nights draw in and we spend increasing amounts of time indoors, vibrant and opulent wallpaper brands captivate the imagination and take us on a different kind of journey. Perhaps the most distinctive of these is de Gournay, a design house that creates vivid wall coverings that are sought after across the globe.

In this article, we explore their most exquisite hand-painted wallpaper collections and take a quick look at the fascinating way in which the pieces are made.

The Chinoiserie collection

De Gournay rose to fame for its depictions of the Chinese sea trade; these days the Chinoiserie collection reflects a similar rich history. Based on the wallpapers that were popular in royal palaces across the Western world between 1750 and 1850, they reflect a grand blend of Eastern and Western art. Studying each one, filled with intricate birds and flowers, is sure to spark the imagination.

The Chinoiserie collection wallpaper.


The Japanese & Korean Collection

The Japanese and Korean collection is inspired by the Edo period, a time in which Japan was closed off from the rest of the world. As such, they capture something of this secretive simplicity with elusive designs of peonies, silk trees, swimming fish and flowering wisteria. The pieces are contemporary but hint at something a little deeper too.

Bathroom with Japanese & Korean Collection wallpaper.


The Papiers Peints Panoramiques collection

Papiers Peints Panoramiques are block-printed panoramic wallpapers that were developed in France throughout the early 19th century. De Gournay continues the tradition with rich scenes from across the globe. These are some of the brand’s most luxurious and detailed pieces, often completed with gold-gilded paper and accents.

The Papiers Peints Panoramiques collection wallpaper.


The Mughal collection

Replicating the elegant and enchanting history of the Mughal Empire, de Gournay’s latest collection is a feast for the eyes. Vividly depicted palaces sit among dense forests and gardens, while an element of wildness is retained in landscapes and ponds. Each detail, including every leaf and petal, is intricately painted and brought to life.

The Mughal collection wallpaper.


De Gournay was founded by Claud Cecil Gurney who fell in love with the ancient Chinese methods of creating wallpaper.  As such, De Gournay uses both artists and copy artists — some craft new designs while others, inspired by the Chinese tradition, meticulously replicate work.  The result is pure quality and pieces which capture both a rich history and endless individuality.

Each de Gournay wall covering is made by hand using a composition of traditional, mostly natural materials. There is a library of existing prints to choose from and customers can tailor each to their own vision with the option to add embroidery such as intricate fruits, feathers and flowers.

To find out more about de Gournay and order your own pieces, get in touch. SV Interiors ensures every space matches our clients’ visions with high-end painting and decorating.